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Schwinn Tango Tandem Cruisers?

Tandem Cycling A bicycle built for two. Want to find out more about this wonderful world of tandems? Check out this forum to talk with other tandem enthusiasts. Captains and stokers welcome!

Schwinn Tango Tandem Cruisers?

Old 04-08-08, 08:35 PM
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Schwinn Tango Tandem Cruisers?

Anybody tried the newer retro-style Tango Tandem Cruisers Schwinn is selling? My wife and I would like to have a go at a tandem and these look to be a cheap way to try it out. Any opinions?
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Old 04-08-08, 11:23 PM
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They look good but are j-u-n-k!
Save your $$ for a better quality/used tandem.
Pedal on TWOgether!
Rudy and Kay/zonatandem
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Old 04-09-08, 06:46 AM
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Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on considering riding a tandem. My wife and I started riding casually about 4 years ago on a Diamondback (about $750) purchased completely on a whim. Almost exactly a year ago, we decided to start riding more seriously and soon discovered that the Diamondback was not the bike for us. We are strictly road riders and like to go at least 25 miles when we ride (training for our first century this summer). The Diamondback was too heavy and not designed for any sort of distance riding. We got extremely lucky and found a used Burley Duet (about $900) just at the moment we knew we needed a new bike. The Burley transformed our riding and is one of the reasons we're still at it. Next week we will take delivery of a new Co-Motion Speedster Co-Pilot (about $7,000) and are looking forward to another transformation in our riding.

The Schwinn Tango and its inexpensive cousins are stylish and fine for short strolls along the beach/boardwalk. However, because the bike is heavy, unresponsive, and difficult to maintain, it is unlikely that you'll have the sort of experiences that result in a happy tandem team. The folks in this forum are typically at least happy tandem teams if not seasoned professional tandem riders, so the advice you get is based on years/miles of riding experience and a desire for you to have a good shot at catching tandem fever.

Based on my experience, I suggest that you
1) read the information at this site: https://www.thetandemlink.com/LearningCenter.html;
2) select your tandem based on mechanical quality and fit rather than looks;
3) ride;
4) take what you learn from your first 1000 miles on a tandem to help you get your next tandem;
5) keep riding.


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Old 04-15-08, 08:57 PM
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Don't Buy a Tango Tandem.

Avoid the Schwinn Tango Tandem.

My fiancee and I bought one of these to try out tandeming. I'm a veteran, and she's a newbie.

Anyhow, Its a $600 tandem, that looks great, but is very poorly made.

Notice that idler on the bottom, we had problems with ours in the first 20 miles. It got dirty, then seized, causing our timing chain to always come off. I cleaned it, moved it back into position, but it kept getting dirty, and moving on its own accord.

Pedals grind, must be because the bearings are shot-out-of-factory. Everything made a grinding noise, parts rubbing etc.

Its not meant for any kind or scheduled riding. Just a once in a great while, weekend excursion of less then 10 miles.
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Old 04-16-08, 10:10 PM
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Talking about the Tango's pedals . . .
Couple years ago, we were tandeming in Duluth, MN when we spotted a couple with a shiny new red Tango with obvious problems.
Stopped to see if we could help. Stoker's pedal platform fell apart into pieces. The thing was pressed together and there was no way to fix it. They had ridden it a total of 6 miles from the bike shop. Told them to limp back to the shop and demand 2 sets of real pedals (front and back), or better yet, get a refund on that shiny Tango.
At 600 bucks, its 500 bucks overpriced!
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Old 09-08-11, 06:40 PM
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Zombie thread, but I ride mine all the time, especially now that my 6 year old can fit on it as a stoker. It's heavy, and has obviously cheap parts, but the only issue has been getting the cheap seat clamp tight enough that first week we had it. Since then, no issues. It has been through the rain, to festivals, on the back of a van down to Virginia, and nothing to complain about. It is what it is, a low priced tandem, and I'm OK with that.
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Old 03-10-20, 09:05 PM
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i know this is an old thread... but

the tango may be made with cheaper components, but the bike itself is beautiful. To me, its worth upgrading the parts as they fail. I have seen no other tandem park bike, that has its cool factor. So my question is, where can i get a parts breakdown for my 2012 tango and is there anyone that carries spare parts. I plan to upgrade them as they fail, but I need the original spec's, to upgrade.
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Old 06-14-20, 12:49 AM
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I know this is an old thread too, but ... I rode a cruiser bike every day to work for 6 months and those were some enjoyable rides! The comfortable seat, wide tyres, the position on the bike - I wasn't fast but I enjoyed every cycling with it. I am looking into Schwinn tandem precisely for this fact and don't plan to use it for anything else but short (10-20 km) city-only trips.

mach2race, I don't know how detailed part breakdown you need, but you can look and the old Schwinn websites at the Web archive. Here is the one for cruiser bikes from 2012: "http : // web . archive . org/web/20120622070522/ http : // www . schwinnbikes . com/bikes/cruisers". Just remove all the spaces from the URL (couldn't post the actual URL). If you click on the Tango tandem there you'll get the some specifications about the bike.
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Old 05-20-24, 10:52 AM
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This is a very old thread but my wife and I love the Tango! We bought it 8 years ago...wow, yes, 8 years ago and we take it wherever we go! It has been flawless the whole time. It has been a great way to keep us together as my wife is not great at hills or in the wind or keeping at it for any log duration. We take it on all camping trips or trips to Cape Canaveral area for the week. Great way to get around and see every thing! Faster than walking and more intimate and healthier than by car. No, it is not meant for cruising high speeds or winning races but it cruises in style and gets so much attention. (Not looking for it ) We have a basket on the back and front. We carried our Shih Tzu in the front and things we buy cruising around or carrying along in the back. After 8 years, we finally had our first breakage. Never even a flat tire yet. The Shimano rear derailleur actually broke on the last day of our camping trip while back at our camp site. So, now I am looking at replacing this or upgrading or perhaps look for a new tandem. That is what brings me here. Anyway, just wanted to say we absolutely love the bike and it just depends on what you are looking for. I own a $7,000 MTB so I understand high end bikes and components. For the money, this bike has been the best!!

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