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Originally Posted by the sci guy View Post
I heard before last year's ride the MS was forced to move because of the construction. I hope once it's complete they will find a way to move the end of the ride back to DT. If there's going to be that huge grassy mall area, why not have tents and whatnot set up there and riders will finish along one of the adjacent streets towards the capital building? I dunno. There's something not quite as fulfilling riding to COTA. There was a certain majesty about coming to the city, and finishing in sight of the capital and among the buildings of downtown.
Either way, I'm still sad I missed this year and am looking forward to being back again next year for #5 .
I really would not hold my breath on this one. There were/are political forces at work as well. For a while there were a LOT of events downtown. The capitol renovations / expansion were a good reason to move many of them out of downtown. A major force in keeping the ride downtown was governor Rick Perry. He was a big fan of the MS150 and a big reason we were able to finish downtown. When he left, the folks who do not want us down there had a bigger voice.

There is also the safety issue. As I mentioned above, the road the MS150 used to get to Austin is no loner a sleepy little country road.
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Yep, if I were betting, I would place my money on the BP MS150 becoming an "out and back" ride before I bet on it ever finishing in downtown Austin again. It isn't just about where to setup team tents, it is about where to park a dozen 18 wheelers for bikes and supplies, several dozen box trucks for various teams, a couple of dozen buses for transportation back to Houston, shower trucks, etc. There just isn't room down there for all of that without the big open parking lots that are now being turning into buildings. Also, as Tanstaafl said, when you get that many riders going down what is not a sleepy country road anymore, the traffic can become a huge nightmare, particularly if you have to try to get medical assistance to injured riders. Those kinds of logistics problems CAN be overcome with the right support from various government agencies...but they CAN also be used as reasons not to do it if the heads of the governmental agencies don't want to support the downtown finish.
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I've only been riding the MS150 since 2015, so I am relatively new. In 2015, we were a team with no tent in Austin and most of use were first year riders. We had no idea what to expect or do when we got there. I had no idea how to navigate the grounds. We ended up stopping at a burger joint on the way home. In 2017, it was the headwind year. Again, first year of a new team with no place to arrive. I rolled in at about 4:30, exhausted. We left pretty much right away to get home for the kids. Another year when I had no idea what to do. In those two finishes, I never even got the token bike shot with the capitol building in the background. I did take out an orange cone when someone slammed on her brakes in the narrow barely big enough lane for one bike on the approach to Austin.

I don't mind the COTA finish. I don't have years of history in the ride. I'm not a Texan native, so finishing in the state capitol doesn't hold some great esteem with me. Sure, parking last year was a nightmare. But, that was largely addressed this year. The exits only allowed one lane of traffic onto the road, so there is a natural bottleneck. Maybe next year they'll figure out traffic flow out of the parking spaces and lanes. I was given with the team captain tag last year, so my main concern is making sure our riders all have an enjoyable ride. As long as they have a place to go to in LaGrange and COTA that has seating, food and drink, I am happy. One thing I really enjoyed was the area to setup pop up tents for the small teams. Our support arrived at 7:00 in the morning to secure spots and was already the third team there. Team tents are a huge expense for small teams and giving us a spot was very helpful.
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