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Thread: CL Help

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    CL Help

    Hey Guys,

    I'm new on here, and looking for a decent vintage bike to get me around NYC. I was scouting my local Craigslist postings, and came across these four bikes that seemed promising. I'd love to get your opinions and thoughts on their value.


    55cm Trek 400 Vintage Road Bike

    56cm Centurion Men's 14-Speed Road Bike

    58cm Raleigh Super Grand Prix Vintage Road Bike

    56cm Univega Viva Sport Lightweight Vintage Japanese Road Bike

    I think I'm the most drawn to the Trek, but I also don't know much about this stuff...

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    If the Univega fits, I'd go that route, but I'd fight him down a bit on the price if possible. It's a good all-around bike and probably fun as hell to ride.

    Fair warning: I'm only a year into the bike thing, so watch for better opinions than mine!
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    I realize it's Brooklyn, so you're going to pay a premium, but you picked 4 bikes from the same seller so ride them all. I think if you are >= 5'10", a 58cm frame is more appropriate, so try that as well. None of t

    As to specific bikes:

    Centurion - way overpriced, Sport DLX is entry level, a $200 bike.
    Trek - nice frame, driveline is not original, but it has the best rear deraileur of all 4 bikes, and 700c rims. Those tires are very narrow and would be uncomfortale for riding on bumpy city streets. 28mm should fit and would cost $50 to change them out. I have a 1989 Trek 360 with a Similar if not identical True Temper tube set, mostly a Shimano 105 group, which is growing on me every time I get on it. I would aim for high $200's.
    Raleigh SGP has barcon shifters which I like, but what looks to be a cheap claw RD. 27" tires. I would aim for $225.
    Univega - fork looks like it may not be straight so look it over closely, could have been tweaked in a crash. Saddle is worn too. If the fork is straight $250. If not, walk away.

    If you plan to ride in the rain, note none of the bikes have room for fenders.
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