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    A Previous Folding Bike 'Handlepost' Recall

    I was checking-out the Tern Link P9 on Thor's website - my new next door neighbor at the beach has one (and really likes it) - while on the website I noticed something about a Dahon 'Handlepost' recall 3-4 yrs ago - world-wide.

    Here's the info for the USA (11,500 bikes involved):

    There was a second process to determine if your "foreign" purchased Dahon was invloved.

    Curious how they notified US owners, since Dahon's info likely depended on customers having returned the Warranty Cards...also, what percentage of the 11,500 owners responded to have their bikes fixed? Thor, do you know?


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    I wouldnt know that, all I know is that Dahon fixed all bikes in their stock immedeately before one bike was sold, and that they did a great job sending new stuff to dealers, who got reimbursed for their work changing everything they had in stock ...AND all the dealer customers who brought the bikes in. Notifications were send by Dahon for all the customers who filled out the warranty cards, and from all dealers who sold a bike with the questionable stem on it. Chances are that if somebody didnt fill out the card AND the selling dealer didnt infom the customer,AND the customer never was on the Internet, and and and that there are some odd ones still out there, in that case the dealers like me, will still rework the bikes wth new stems ...

    But i bet not a whole lot of them are still out there ....

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