OK, XACD in China says that can copy exactly the 2003 Litespeed Veneto in Ti with rear rack mounts top and bottom, for $700 delivered.

Pride Cycles price is $1140 + shipping.

If anybody on here has a better deal, I'd like to hear about it.

Assuming you don't, and I get seduced by XACD, here's what's gonna happen. Almost faster than you can say "mistake" they are going to send me blueprint for this frame "for my approval".

If I approve, then they build exactly according to the prints and if there's a glitch (some measurement off or something) they don't have to fix it because I approved the plans. Get it?

I am not qualified to approve bicycle frame blueprints; and I need expert(s) like you guys to do it for me.

I would be willing to pay a qualified individual a modest sum for looking over the plans for me.

OR I could just post the drawing jpg on here and Everybody can look it over for glitches, make suggestions, etc.

Since XACD's drawings will be from Litespeed's specs of a 2003 bike no longer in production, I don't see a problem putting them up on the forum (if i ask, I'm sure XACD will say it's OK).

So . . . How should I do it?