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    Was suggested to post this here... Race on Saturday, what do I do until then?

    Copy/Psate from the nutrition forum, where it was suggested I post here too:
    Hey all.

    I have a 5k run / 40K mountainous course // 10 k run duathlon next weekend.

    I'm feeling that I'm about as trained as I'm gonna be for it, but I don't know how to handle the runup to the race.

    Do I taper off entirely? Short easy rides? Short easy runs?

    I feel like I'm about as trained as I'm going to be for it (Obviously no last minute hail Mary's requested), but I also want to ensure I spend myy last few days properly; no need to handicap myself.

    I did a 10K run tonight, and I'm going to go ride the course tomorrow again. That puts me into Monday, any thoughts how I should proceed from there?


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    True tapering regimens are generally appropriate for IM and half IM. I think for shorter events that what matters is that you go into the race with fresh legs. For me (sprint and Oly tri) I take the day before the race off and in the couple of days leading up to that I dial back a notch (20% or so) on intensity of workouts.
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