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You all are crazy, there is only one place worth ordering from.

Pat Schoolen rocks, he's a good guy, and he rides.

Dans has done some VERY shady things in their past and as a company are very questionable for any sort of dedication to the sport. Copying T1 shirts, copying Graveyard handlebars... They are shady and they screw over RIDERS when they do shady things. If you gave Dans Comp $10,000.00 and they didn't give you one product or item in return, then you would understand why T1 doesn't do business with them. T1 shirts were VERY popular and instead of buying them and supporting a rider owned company, Dans made fake shirts, sold them to the public WITHOUT letting people know they were buying 'copies', and kept all the profits.

Very shady...

But, they also have consistently had low prices, fast service, and treated me well. I order from them when Pat doesn't have what I need. Dans has gotten me out of jams when Albes and others have treated me poorly.
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