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Cannondale Touring Bikes

I have an interesting problem. I suffer from an interesting disorder called Agoraphobia, in layman's term it is essentially a fear of leaving the house, I do get out, but it is not always easy. Currently I am modifying my road bike to be a temporary touring bike, I am interested in shopping around bikes, I have a friend in town here that has a shop and I would by from him, loyalty is a big thing with me, though my favoured ride would be the trek, but he doesn't have that line because the have a trek specific store in town, I was wondering what people thought of the cannondales? I cannon hang out at his shop and chat it up with everyone till I know everything I want to so I need to get opinions elsewhere. I would want to modify the to bar end shifters and I will be hooking up a BoB to the back, and I would be putting in crossbar levers as well. Any one ride these bikes that could help me learn more?

next summer I am going to do a series of week long tours within the province but the year after that I wish to do a Gulf of Mexico to Hudson Bay tour and play up publicity on agoraphobia... We don't get much because we are all afraid to go out LOL. I would be riding alone carrying all my needs. The modified Road bike I hope will last next summer and I will get a proper touring bike for the long northern tour. I live on disability and wish to so people that that doesn't mean we are useless. Though I must admit it will take all my strength.
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