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Originally Posted by LeeG View Post
Geo, I haven't ridden a Cannondale touring bike in over 20yrs but when they came out I was very impressed as they were much more solid frames than the steel bikes of that era. Since that time steel bikes with larger diameter tubing have become common. They're good bikes. If that's the only choice you had you really aren't missing out, they're a good value.

Thank you for the info, I have no real mistrust in Aluminum frames, as an engineer I can tell you that things can be made out of many different types of material the failure rate is usually always in the design of the bike frame in the instance rather than the simple fact of Aluminum or Chromoly I know we buil a popsicle bridge in my sctructural engineer class one semester they weighed in at 7.4 kilograms and we able to hold over 82 kgs of ball bearings on the span without failure, I forget what we got it up to until she finally gave way though. So if engineered properly which is something I know Cannondales are known for can make the material used a moot point at times.
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