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At the point during the race where Contador left Kloden, Contador had been struggling with Bruyneel and Armstrong's attempts to push Armstrong into the team leader position, when that failed they came up with (never before attempted) strategy of "filling the podium". Try to imagine for one moment how strange all this must have seemed to the actual leader of the team? Suddenly he isn't just competing against the field but also his teammates and team manager. Do you actually think that having Bruyneel yell over the team radio that you need to hold up and pull for Kloden, that you should trust him?

Look the way it works is like this: the team (manager included) does what it can to put the appointed team leader (prior to the start this person was Contador) into the yellow, if in doing this the team also gets other podium spots all the better.

Contador wasn't supposed to be put in the spot of supporting Kloden or Armstrong, they were there to support his GC attempt. In point of fact any member of a team who fails to put all their energy into this goal is a bad teammate, so Bruyneel, Armstrong and even Kloden were examples of "bad teammates".
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