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What is it about turning 50?

Just a short age/health-related rant here...

Since turning fifty a little under four years ago, I've been diagnosed hypothyroid, am being treated for cholesterol, and have had successful surgery on my left knee (meniscus), left foot (hammertoe) and right shoulder (rotator cuff tear). I am now taking Vyvanse to help me focus better during my demanding work days. Just last week, I had soft tissue releases in four toes, hammertoe correction procedures on two others and a general arthritic clean up...bone shaving and tendon clean up in both feet. It will be a while before I can saddle up and clip in again.

My question is, is it unusual to start having all these items identified or diagnosed starting at 50?

For those of you with more experience, when can I expect my warranty to be officially renewed or is this the new normal of 50+?

I've really been enjoying riding and working out again over the past five+ years, but i am just a little surprised by all the attention I am receiving from the doctors these cardio is great and my workouts are all low just seems as though the rest of my 6'5" frame is in need of an overhaul.

What has been your experience?

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