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Turned 50 in March.

At 47 I was on two cholesterol meds, a blood pressure med (unmedicated resting BP and HR was 150/100 and 100 bpm), suffering from severe gout attacks in my ankles, having gallbladder attacks every couple months, had my first kidney stone, borderline pre-diabetic, closet full of 36" pants with a couple of 38".

Now I'm 25 lb lighter (190 lb, 5'11") not on any cholesterol or BP meds (BP and resting HR 125/80 and 45), still on gout meds but haven't had an attack in almost two years and ankles have regained range of motion, no more gallbladder or kidney stone attacks, blood labs normal. Closet is 32"s with a couple of 34"s. After last summer's riding I was 10 lighter yet and BP was lower, so I am trying to get back down to 180 lb. At that weight, I'm even a candidate for the "fuller" sort of 30"s.

So my 50's are starting off healthier than my 40's were. Which is cool.

Still, I'm aware that my next checkup will involve some probing procedures, I'll have to make a decision on PSA testing, and I'm noticing that if I stop working out, the muscle mass in my arms and chest shrinks pretty rapidly. I am losing flexibility, so yoga classes are on the to-do list. My hair on top is just holding its own (with help from daily finasteride and minoxidil), and nowadays I pay the hair lady for a "gray blend" when she cuts it (okay, I'm not averse to artificial aids). I still have a pre-disposition to high BP which I'll have to watch all my life. And I give a depressing degree of attention to what I eat, and not in a Top Chef sort of way.

I think by this time, the weak points in our bodies are making themselves clearly known. The big guys who played football in H.S. are needing new knees. The gourmands are contemplating life with diabetes. The high strung workaholics are headed for their first strokes and "major adverse cardiac events".

Medicine is at a state where, even if we do come down with all those problems, we can go on living. The question is, what is your quality of life? My father, in his mid-70s, is 60 lb overweight, has had one MACE, moves slowly and with effort. I'm glad he's still here, but when I get there, I am hoping to be in slightly better condition.

So, you know your weak points. Figure out how to work on them. Generically, significant weight loss and committed exercise will do a lot for all of us. We all know that, that's why we are cyclists, for the most part. Sometimes we need to do more.
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