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Time for a change.
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Manufacturers seem to be rationalising their bikes with less options being available. Triples can be found but they are rarer than they used to be. I ride compacts but also use a 30t on one set of wheels for the hillier rides. However I still struggle up some of the steeper hills round here with 34/30 and have one bike set up with a triple. Normally ride it with a 12/25 cassette but there is always the option of a 12/27 or 12/30. And on that triple I have found that the 39 will not get me up many of the slopes round here and I am not ashamed to say that I will even take my granny out on some of the "Easy" rides round here to give me an easy time.

But it is down to the LBS. If they want to sell you a bike- then they will change the compact double for a triple for a nominal charge. If they won't then find the LBS that will.
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