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Originally Posted by FBinNY View Post
If it's new it's defective. If it's used and used to be straight, the body is failing -- possibly form a high impact on a sharp edge, like the far lip of a pothole -- and will let go pretty soon.

In any case, you'll probably feel it as a bit of a wiggle every time it comes around. These usually ride like crap, so while it might be safe, you really don't want to ride it any longer than necessary.
The road I always ride doesn't have a single pot hole in it and just two rough spots at each end of a bridge. I always stand up and slow way down for those small bumps. I've never smashed into a pot hole on the tire; I just don't encounter them out here in the country. There must be some other cause for the problem. Maybe it was a small rock I ran over last week... I remember running over a small one, in the shade, with the rear tire and it shot over to the right side of the road. This canyon road has lots of shaded areas from the steep sides blocking the sun, especially since the sun is running a more southerly path lately. Hmmm.... that rock could be the cause, now that I think back on it.

The tire has about 1900 miles on it and has been great up until I found this bulge today.
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