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Originally Posted by santoro8 View Post
Agreed on the fit. The rest is true for those with no budget to worry about, but for those who do have tighter limits, a few "what might it cost me?" guidelines can be pretty helpful.

Also, someone who knows these bikes could hopefully advise on "make sure that ____ isn't worn, or check the _____ for ____, etc."
Okay, so should I assume you know it fits. I guess I should assume you know regular wear items are tires, chain, cassette, hubs and bottom bracket for a whichever D/A you have that did not come with the bike, but added at a later time... My point in the previous post is, if you don't regular wear items on a bike, you dont know what size bike you need.

I've ridden and maintained my own bikes for 20 years. I recently bought a used track bike(1st track bike) and put 300 bucks in tires, glue, valve extenders, saddle, lugnuts and pedals into the bike. I thought I had a rideable lightly used bike.... BUT IT FITS... I know bikes and cant well used up vs gently used but i know when a bike fits.
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