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Originally Posted by Nightshade View Post
AWWWW,man! Why did you have to screw up a perfect street pedal set up for damn clipless!!!!!!

Remember who the friend was that got you into this mess when you crash!!!
Originally Posted by MRT2 View Post
I witnessed a bad crash a little over a week ago. I was riding with some people and the guy riding just behind me lost control of his bike and rode off the MUP into some trees and shrubs. He was hurt pretty bad. Broken nose, jaw, and orbital bone, and possibly a concussion. You know what part of his body wasn't injured? His feet, ankles and legs, because when he crashed, the clipless pedals worked according to the design and his feet released from the pedals.
Poor Nightshade. He's simply convinced that even thinking about clipless pedals is going to result in death and dismemberment. I have fresh scabs on my knees, a bruised knee, bruised shoulder and a pretty good headache from a crash just this weekend. I caught a lip on my mountain bike and crashed on a pretty good downhill. I came completely off the bike and landed a good body length away from the bike (about 6'). My feet came out of the pedals before the bike hit the ground. I had several close calls over the rest of the weekend (60 mile bikepacking trip) and not once did I think about getting my feet out of the pedals.

Don't listen to the (only) naysayer on the Forums, RhythmRider. In fact, at 20 mph on a gnarly downhill the last thing I want to think about is my feet coming off the pedals. Keep riding, you'll get used to them. And, if you really want to find out about how the pedals ork on the upstroke, go mountain biking and use them to clear a rock field. It'll make a believer out of you.
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