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Originally Posted by intransit1217 View Post
I like pulling on the upstroke. Works the hams and gives the quads a break. Getting power full circle is a lot of practice, but clipless is the first step. Good on you.

Watch for knee pain, have them adjusted so you don't do inadvertent damage. Crunch on !

Ditto to all of this.

I remember how tired and sore my hamstrings were when I first started using clipless. They hurt, in a good way.

Also check your adjustment to do away with any knee pain, I have almost no cartilage left and two rebuilt ACL and it took a few weeks to get them set right.

Remember to check your cleats the first few weeks, I have had my loosen a bit and that is scary when your shoe won't detach. Just stay calm and use the other foot. Then stop and tighten them.
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