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Originally Posted by bruised View Post
Hey all,

I'm wondering if someone might be so kind as to offer advice/suggestions on a workout regime for the coming Winter months, based around some performance data that I recorded today.

First off some important background -
52 yr old male
Weight 188
Height 6' 4"
I measured my at rest HR today and it seemed surprisingly low at 45-48 BPM. Not sure if this is good or bad.

I've been a couch potato for too many years to admit to, but I've been cycling steadily since May this year and have dropped a lot of fat (90+). My fitness level has slowly improved as the weight has gone down and the training distance has gone up.

I've ridden a couple longer distance rides (100m) and though I'm by no means in super shape, I do feel pretty good for my age.

The problem is this - in a few weeks it's going to be getting cold and ugly here in NE Wisconsin and my time on the bike is going to drop sharply.

I'm concerned about losing the ground I've gained, gaining weight and hitting Spring out of shape. (or maybe even sliding back to my old habits, God forbid).

So I'm looking at how to keep 'on the boil' over the Winter. I don't need to lose any more weight or improve fitness, I just want to maintain where I'm at until Spring 2015.

I'm realistic and doubt that I'll be doing any distance riding in the snow, so what I'm considering is a Fat Tire bike and hitting a trail in the local State Park, maybe 5 days/week.

So today I bought a heart rate monitor, strapped it on and took to the trail to see what gives.

I blasted around at a reasonable pace for 45m and rode 11m at 14.5 mph. I didn't hit max pace at any point. I rode a Century on Saturday and I'm still a bit weary from it, so I was probably at 85% of what I'm comfortable with as a flat-out pace.

Realistically, in January in Wisconsin, 1 hour on the trail is the most I'm going to manage before I freeze up.

I'm wondering what people think as far as how much benefit I can get from a workout of this duration and is it enough to keep me in fair shape?

My stats from the ride are here Rode 11.00 mi on 9/22/14 on 09/22/2014 | CYCLING Training Log Entry | MapMyRide

I'm wondering about the heart rate zones at the bottom of the page and if I should be trying to spend more time in Z5, and if so, how much more?

The Park trail is what it is - the topography of the trail determines the interval durations etc.

Does that look like a good workout for keeping myself topped up, or is there something I should be doing differently?

I plan on a gym membership and doing some core training over the Winter, so I may supplement the Park ride with some static riding - though I hate those things with a passion.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Not an expert but winter is for base miles, nothing z4/z5. "go slow to go faster"
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