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Originally Posted by CharlyAlfaRomeo View Post
An hour at a time isn't enough to build base like that.

OP in your situation I'd probably do a couple of 2x20 or 5x5 workouts every week. You can get them done in an hour or so and they should maintain if not improve your FTP if done right. I would however suggest you gear up to ride longer in the cold, there is no substitute for long Z2 rides in the off season.

Also get the book The Time Crunched Cyclist for some ideas on his to get stronger on minimal training hours, just be careful as training with too much intensity all the time will burn you out.
Thanks for the input CharlyAlfa - I'm not really sure what this is: a couple of 2x20 or 5x5 workouts every week - I'll spend more time in the Training section here until I become familiar with the jargon etc.
I would however suggest you gear up to ride longer in the cold - I'm certainly keeping an open mind about this. I moved to the USA around 17 yrs ago from the UK, with its more moderate climate and less brutal temp changes, and to be honest, for one reason or another I've never really taken to the Winters here in WI
So this will be my first attempt to incorporate some outdoor activity through the colder months. I'm hedging my bets and trying to stay realistic about time/distance/effort in sub-zero temps. But like I said, I'm trying to keep an open mind. It would certainly fit better if I could accomplish my training goals in a 45min to 1 hour timeframe, 5 days per week. But maybe I can stretch that some. We'll see.

Thanks for your help and input!
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