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Originally Posted by Vlaam4ever View Post
a couple of 2x20 or 5x5 workouts every week - these are 2 intervals for 20 mins, or 5 interval for 5 minutes. These are good options if you only have an hour per day and only want to use your bike.

However I'd recommend that you use the offseason to address what ever is lacking in your cycling or other aspect of your fitness life. Use the 4-5 hours you have to address whatever you need to be in better health and be strong when you get to cycling again next spring.

Just a few things to consider.

1) improve on bike fitness - Z2 for 1-3 hrs. (while watching BPL or the Packers) Actually watching a match is a good way to kill the time. I do this often if the weather is not cooperating or if Chelsea is playing early
2) strength training to build core strength (powerlifting) 3 times per week for 30-45 minutes (Mon, Wed, Fri)
3) running, hiking, cross-country skiing, swimming to build endurance. ( as crosstraining every other week)
4) increase flexibility with yoga and stretches.
5) improve your diet.

This time between end of summer and January is when I typically gain 10-15 pounds because I slow down on the cycling and watch more football and drink more beer. The holiday time totally does me in with snacks and goodies and January has me suffering on the bike. I'm picking up a powerlifting program to address the lack of core strength that cycling put me after spending a lot of time on the bike this year. However my weekends will still be focused on base winter rides 2-4 hrs in duration.
Thanks for the good advice. You've hit on a good point with addressing weaknesses. I've been committed to losing weight and getting fit via a singular means - cycling. As such I've really neglected upper-body fitness and I've lost a LOT of muscle mass. I used to be quite muscular under all the fat but now I look like a skinny teenager on my upper body. I've done some static weights at home, but haven't maintained a schedule and my reps have gone down instead of up. So I'd planned on a gym membership and to focus on upper body and trying to regain some muscle mass. That's going to be a whole new struggle.
But I also don't want to lose my cardio and leg muscle gains. I'd like to do some touring next year and I really want to hit the ground running(biking) in the Spring so I can maximize on the relatively short riding season.

But I take on board your suggestions about getting a more diverse workout, it's a good point. Though it's hard to watch my team (Man United) this season, so I may have to find another distraction to kill the time
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