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Originally Posted by bruised View Post
So this will be my first attempt to incorporate some outdoor activity through the colder months. I'm hedging my bets and trying to stay realistic about time/distance/effort in sub-zero temps. But like I said, I'm trying to keep an open mind. It would certainly fit better if I could accomplish my training goals in a 45min to 1 hour timeframe, 5 days per week. But maybe I can stretch that some. We'll see.
As a fellow Brit I am pretty clueless about Wisconsin winters. I know the fat bike will make it practicable (and a lot of fun) to ride in snow, but I'm unfamilar with the physiological impact of riding for extended periods in such cold temperatures. I assume, however, that it's more sustainable at lowish intensities than high ones. If that's right, and you can afford to ride 5-6 hours per week, I'd suggest a couple of two hour rides and one or two shorter ones, rather than five or six one-hour rides. That'll be a bit better in terms of base-building. But do what you can. The fact that something isn't ideal doesn't mean it isn't useful.
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