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Originally Posted by smallwheeler View Post
you're partly right about the shifter placement- it's current location is probably the "best looking" place for it, but since shifting is only done occasionally, it's also not really a compromise in efficiency either. it works.

you are probably right about the cable housing collecting water over time, but how else would you do it? in an "s" curve down the top tube, up the seat tube, then back down the seat stay? that would be pretty ugly and surely elicit a "horrible cable routing" response from dynaryder...

i am open to any suggestions.

also, i toyed with the idea of adding a top tube to this bike, but i'm glad i didn't do that. structurally, it really doesn't need it. aesthetically, well, it would just be a different bike.

a couple of months ago i sketched up a few ideas for a 349mm diamond frame bike. i'm currently talking to a frame builder about it, but i would love to hear any suggestions from you and others.
Again, totally classy looking bike, very elegant build.

I hear you on the shifter. Is that a 3sp out back? In that case, makes a lot of sense.

And yes, no elegant way to route the cable/housing which would not cause the issue I mentioned. Best I can think of on that bike would be some kind of housing stop/pulley off the seatpost/seatpost clamp/seat tube, and a centerpull brake... but which would still result in a potential place for water to pool and rust things, and would look way kludgier, less elegant. A coaster brake hub would certainly clean things up...

For the custom design you illustrate, I'd be tempted to do one of three things:
- radically sloped tt going up way nearer to the stem area and resultant long headtube, more like the geo on some Dahon models like the Dash, Bullhead, Smooth Hound, etc.
- semi-truss frame like Tyrell -- seatstays going up to the top of the ht, seat tube sloping down to the ht/dt juncture.
- triple triangle, with the seat stays extending to the tt a few inches forward of the st.
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