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Originally Posted by oldnslow2 View Post
Project 1 is where you can completely customize the bike, down to the color of the cable housings, hoods and so on. The reason i'm doing a "P1" is Trek does not offer the "stock" bike with SRAM Red. It's not that much more and I can have it built with the parts I want. I'm also going with minimal logos so i'm not riding a rolling billboard.

Actually I was not talking specifics or price because I didn't want to waste their time. I asked about the "process", how they determine what parts and sizes are best for me and a few options. I was not asking for a price so I could buy from the cheapest store.

I can understand walking into a high volume car dealer and the sales person not wanting to talk to you unless you were ready to buy. But walk into a Porsche dealership and the sales people know you have to cultivate a relationship and while the person might not buy today, they will be back.

Trust me, i will buy from the person that spends time with me and not the cheapest. Because if I wanted the cheapest, i'd order online from a grey market dealer, not knowing if i'm getting a real Brand X or a counterfeit painted to look like the real deal.

I am with you. Two years ago I was in the market for a higher end bike. The big trek shop in town was too busy putting bikes away to help me the day I stopped in. however the specialized dealer was more than happy to search the us for the frame I wanted, then spend several hours going over every component of the bike with me.

We built it from the frame up with exactly what I wanted.

I smile every time I ride by the trek store.
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