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1. How well does it it you - biggest thing for both speed and comfort
2. Looks like no rear shock in the back which is good - rear shocks just eat your power
3. Slick tires would make a big difference, tread slows you down a lot and only gives you more grip on loose stuff like dirt - on pavement it actually makes your grip worse as the tread moves around under the tire
4. If the front fork has a lockout lock it out. Not nearly as big of a deal as rear suspension though.
5. Somewhat skinnier tires. You don't want to go to skinny as the speed increase becomes tiny but it becomes a lot less comfortable. In my opinion 1.5" or 40c tires are about the right balance between speed and comfort. To go smaller than that for speed one is better off getting a different bike designed for road riding.

Unfortunately not sure what to suggest on tires. Love Schwalbe Supreme's, but very good tires but expensive. I've used Panaracer TServ's before and they've been good as well for less money.
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