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My current street bike is a 2006 Gary Fisher "Hi-Fi Deluxe". It has full suspension and the same gearing as your Cannondale. It is my favorite ride!
I got it in trade with a friend; I wasn't looking for a full-suspension bike. I spent some time learning about the Fox front and rear suspension components and wound up adjusting the pressures a little high and the rebound damping maxed out. Fitted 1.9" street tires and run the pressures @ 28 front and 42 rear. Fitted my favorite seat and narrowed the handlebar to 25".

Don't give a damn that this bike needs more energy to get some place or other because it is so much fun to ride! And --- 'fun to ride' is what biking is all about, isn't it?


PS: I'd rather tour with this bike than my much more 'efficient' 2013 Cannondale "Synapse". I don't have to look for bumps, drain grates or other road changes short of potholes. I now understand the appeal of fat-tired bicycles. Why should I care if I were to need an extra day or two to get from Los Angeles to Portland (either one) if the difference meant reduced comfort and, dare I say it, fun? -- JM

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