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Sorry to double post but I really gotta quote this
Originally Posted by Joe Minton View Post
PS: I'd rather tour with this bike than my much more 'efficient' 2013 Cannondale "Synapse". I don't have to look for bumps, drain grates or other road changes short of potholes. I now understand the appeal of fat-tired bicycles. Why should I care if I were to need an extra day or two to get from Los Angeles to Portland (either one) if the difference meant reduced comfort and, dare I say it, fun? -- JM
I agree with this so much. I have a $1600 CX bike, with really light/fast 35mm slicks on it. A great bike in many ways, fits well, pretty fast.

My 1995 rigid MTB with a few modifications gets ridden 90% of the time now. I did have 2.35" balloon tires, now 2.125 fast rolling MTB tires. It just handles amazingly, stable but fun. Much better geometry, IMO. And the fat tires are just worry free. Cruising MPH might be 1mph different around town. Spirited road riding might end up a few MPH slower on longer rides. But the ride is just fun. I can't argue with that.
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