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The above answers to your question are correct. But it would be better to fit the replacement headset to the bike than try to accurately measure the old headset.

First, measure the actual head tube of the bike. If the headset is currently out of the bike, great. If not don't take it into account. You want the measurement of the frame of the bike. Second, measure the length of the steerer tube of the fork. From the bottom of the crown race - if its still on the bike - or the top of the fork crown - if not - to the top of the threaded steerer tube. Subtract the head tube measurement from the steerer tube measurement. That is the maximum headset stack height you can use with that bike and fork combination. If you have any required spacers; brake hangers, accessory brackets, etc, measure their thicknesses and subtract them from your previous total. Any headset with a published stack height of <= to your measurement will work. If its less you can make up the difference with some spacers or cut the steerer tube. (I'd go for spacers) If its more you will need new fork.
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