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I don't really have anything to add, other than the Tange Levin is a solid, dependable headset, for relatively cheap. One of the few headsets still made that is "right" with an inverted top cup that sheds water over the bearing, rather than relying on sealing. Over pack the bottom, and spin the fork a few times, wiping off any excess grease that comes out, especially if you aren't running fenders.

Just make sure you buy the right one (measure your bike) as they make it in ISO and JIS sizing.

By the way, if a headset is close to fitting, but needs a bit more room, the included spacer can be substituted with a paper thin shim, or removed entirely. The top nut can also be swapped (or modified) for one with no lip on it, to allow it to be turned down the steer tube, regardless of the length. You may be able to find some old parts, which sometimes substituted a low-profile lockring for a top nut, if you are coming up short on threads...useful especially since a nut's threads don't actually start for a short distance from the end of the nut.
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