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Heck, all the time. Or at least, every time I get chased by a dog, I slow down or stop, or do whatever I think is best to try to keep the dog from being hit. I'll sometimes lead them back home, though usually just dismounting, pointing back at their home and telling them to go home will put them off. They generally want to chase, if I stop then I'm no fun and they still bark but they'll almost always back off. If they still just stand there, I just ride off really slowly so I'm still not any fun and they go away.

The one I still feel bad about is a dog that followed me once probably 30 years ago, I was cross country skiing to work, about 10 miles away. He was friendly and followed me at least 5 miles, I could NOT make him go back no matter what I did. I got to work and went inside. I have no idea what happened to him.
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