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Take action to HELP a dog?

Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

Take action to HELP a dog?

Old 03-07-17, 07:01 PM
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Take action to HELP a dog?

A lot of folks on here seem to post about problems with dogs where they have to take a negative action against a dog. Today on my commute i decided to help a dog...

My commute involves a long climb on a rural two lane road. About half way up this climb, two yippy dogs started barking and running down their long driveway toward me on the road. The owner was at the house and was yelling for the dogs to return. One did, but the other continued out onto the road chasing me. Cars fly down this road, and there was a car approaching us from the top of the hill. i did not feel threatened by this little guy, and would have hated to see him get hit by the car, so i turned into the driveway so he wouldnt continue following me up the road. Right after turning into his driveway, he ran back toward his owner. The owner thanked me from a distance and i waved, then was on my way.

Anyone else ever do something like this?
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Old 03-08-17, 12:19 AM
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Sure. A couple of times I've led free range dogs chasing me back to their own yards or feeders. I don't really consider them owners or masters since they don't train their dogs or take responsibility for them. They just feed them and let 'em roam. Most people who have dogs should have cats instead. They like the idea of dogs but not the reality.

Most dogs that have chased me aren't aggressive or threatening. The biggest danger has been from dogs thinking it's a parade and darting to and fro in front of me. I've run over a couple of dogs that did that and suddenly stopped or changed directions into my front wheel. No injuries to either of us, fortunately.
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Old 03-08-17, 01:08 AM
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I usually don't stop for dogs, but I figure telling them to "GO HOME" is good training, and hopefully minimizes their time on the roads.

I had a small dog chasing me for a block or two last year, and really wanted it to stop so it didn't do something stupid.
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Old 03-08-17, 07:45 AM
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A friend of mine was on a touring trip when a dog followed him out of a small village. He tried to shoo it away, as it was a hot day and there was no water for the next 20kms. The dog kept following him and was soon exhausted, my friend stopped a couple of times and gave it water from his bottle. Finally the dog stayed at the next village.
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Old 03-08-17, 08:14 AM
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Heck, all the time. Or at least, every time I get chased by a dog, I slow down or stop, or do whatever I think is best to try to keep the dog from being hit. I'll sometimes lead them back home, though usually just dismounting, pointing back at their home and telling them to go home will put them off. They generally want to chase, if I stop then I'm no fun and they still bark but they'll almost always back off. If they still just stand there, I just ride off really slowly so I'm still not any fun and they go away.

The one I still feel bad about is a dog that followed me once probably 30 years ago, I was cross country skiing to work, about 10 miles away. He was friendly and followed me at least 5 miles, I could NOT make him go back no matter what I did. I got to work and went inside. I have no idea what happened to him.
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Old 03-08-17, 10:42 AM
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I can't remember specifics, but I think I have coaxed stray dogs off the street. 25 Years ago I did take in an old gray faced dog who was out in the street when I lived on a busy road. I called the number on the collar and the owner replied a couple of hours later and came and got him.
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Old 03-08-17, 10:46 AM
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At least twice a week, I have to lead a dog back home or stop and yell at him till he gets out of the street. I ride through a poorer area on my route and there are far too many loose dogs but even in my own neighborhood, dogs get loose and want to chase/follow/play with me.

Felt bad that I didn't stop this morning and see if this playful boxer's tags had a phone number, but at least I got him off the busier street.
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Old 03-08-17, 11:50 AM
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I get ticked off when little dogs run out into the road to chase me, more so at the Owner for not keeping control of their pets.
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Old 03-08-17, 12:28 PM
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County animal Control's number on your Phone?
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Old 03-08-17, 01:30 PM
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The problem isn't the dog, it's the dog owner. And to answer your question, yes, I have yelled at plenty of dog owners, which hopefully will help their dog.
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Old 03-08-17, 04:41 PM
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in my case this was an isolated incident, its the first time i have had dogs chase me on my commute, and i have been riding the same route, for several years.
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Old 05-27-20, 09:13 AM
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Old 05-27-20, 12:00 PM
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Occasionally on the canal paths there are a couple smaller dogs that will chase me a hundred yards or so, but they turn back and go home so not much to do there. But I did once come across a boxer that had fallen in the canal and couldn't climb back out. I tried and tried to get him out, but no luck for about 15 minutes. Finally somebody else came along and together we were able to rescue the boxer who promptly ran back home. No idea how long he was down there but he was cold and shivering so it was a while. Luckily the water was only about a foot deep that day.
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