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Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post
Your contempt for your co-worker is pretty clear, to us. The posters with a more nuanced response (like Darth Lefty) have it right. The co-worker was not being a jerk. That is the exact response I would expect if I failed to ride on some bad weather day. And I would laugh it off. I am the ONLY cyclist where I work, and giving me stuff about riding in bad weather (which I do) is par for the course. When I don't ride for some reason (any reason) it is also an occasion for comment. Your co-worker obviously is unaware of how much you despise his lack of physical fitness. Good. There is hope for you yet. Why not try to steer him towards better health practices over your next several interactions. It may come to nothing. You tried. But as for this present bit of pique that you are experiencing. That's you. All you. Peace.
Wow. That is truly amazing.

From a text version of 1 side of a conversation between 2 people you've never met you are able to determine, mood, tone, and intent of the other party.

Those are some fine skills there. I hope you use this completely genuine (and totally not made up horse slop) power of yours for good instead of evil.

Are you really THIS pretentious that you think you have an ability to judge the tone of a conversation between 2 people you've never met by reading a partial text transcript of one conversation? And then do you really think you're such a superior being that we should all be impress with your judgmental holier than thou response?

Does that "You can smell my superiority" attitude work with the ladies?

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