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I don't ever get the "What? No bike today?" comment at work. Rather, on really lousy weather days, it's "You didn't bike in today... did you???" A lot of the time, the answer is yes, I did. Most of the bad weather here means really wet. I don't mind commuting in it... my biggest complaint about those days is putting on rain gear, taking it off... working... putting on rain gear, taking it off.

I don't have a goal of commuting by bike all the time. And I don't look at people and think, "you tub of lard, you shouldn't be eating that, you should be walking, running, or biking to work." I'm not in the most excellent shape either - in fact, most people would look at me and think, "there is no way that guy could ride a bike more than a few miles." I ride and commute on a bike because I think it's fun! I don't commute on a bike for fitness.

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