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For me it started with people being genuinely worried about my health. After a while, most had made peace with the fact that I'm crazy.
Though a few had started asking questions about bike, clothing etc and began bike-commuting all year long as well.

In the firm there's always joking and teasing and I like that. There's a colleague I wage a "cursing war" with - every morning we see each other, we start with the worst possible insults. "Oh, you idiot, not a gain!" "YOU?! ...And the day had started so fine until now..." It gets even funnier when there's people who don't know about the game present.

For both good and ill mannered comments about me being crazy for riding in bad weather, I usually confirm, but complain that no one wants to give me that in writing, so I can get an early retirement.

A funny situation was when a female colleague was teasing me about the cut-out saddle. "Is that for what I think it is? It's rather small". My reply was that "Well, the nature is very cruel to some of us" - and we all laughed.

One guy was really rude most of the time, we even got on a verge of fight once (on a football match after work), but later I realized he's always challenging the "top ones". Trying to outrun the fastest one. I was among the better footballers, so he'd always go provoking and fouling me at football (though the conflict was started by him, getting frustrated at me not giving a care). So I have no problems with that - having some challenge is OK IMO - keeps you sharp. It wouldn't work if all (or most) were the same, but a good combination can often bring the best out of most people - calm types, joking types, hard working types, and "problematic" types (if it's within some limits, of course).

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