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Rowan Update

Talked to the main Rehab people and Rowan is on the waitlist to get into the Rehab Unit. He has to meet certain criteria (like swallowing 24-hours a day) for that first, and then the minute there's room, they'll move him. Maybe ... 3 weeks?

And then that's where he'll live for a long time.

They can't give me any specifics ... every patient is different and these are early days.

  • He's still pretty calm, although occasionally restless.
  • He's talking! They've installed an automatic speech valve onto his trach. So he says, "Yeah" ... whether he really means "Yes" or not. But they are pleased that he's using his voice.
  • They had him sort of sitting up in a chair for a little while today ... a special chair that reclines and is designed for someone like him. So he's not bolt upright or anything, but at least it is a bit different from the bed.

Meanwhile ...

I went back to work for a couple hours today ... just easing into it.

I attended a meeting for my university course as a part of the first big assignment. I'm about halfway through that course.

And I've got my eye on a 5K run at the end of May which I might work toward.

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