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Ultrasonic Cleaner - Vevor PS-30A 6 Liter 180W Ultrasonic 200W Heat

The Vevor PS-30A 6 Liter ultrasonic cleaner w/ 180W ultrasonic 200W heat is used for cleaning bicycle parts, like the chain and the cassette cogset.

The cleaner has separate digital touchpad controls and display for heat and for ultrasonic cleaning. One digital display shows setpoint temperature, up to 80C maximum and actual temperature. The other digital display is a countdown timer, showing selected cycle time, that counts down once started.

The cleaner measures 13" wide, 7" deep, 10" tall, 11" wide (tank), 5-3/4" front-to-back (tank) and 6" deep (tank). The basket measures 10" wide, 5" side-to-side and 3" deep. Capacity is 6.5 liters (nameplate). Heat power is 200W (nameplate) and 125W (measured). Ultrasonic power is 180W (nameplate) and 130W (measured).

The cleaner includes an Operation Manual, a tank basket and a 5' detachable grounded power cord. The tank has a drain w/ a turn shutoff valve. There are recessed handles on each side. There is a cover w/ integrated handle.

Operation of the cleaner is to fill w/ water, select the tank temperature and turn on the tank heat. My experience is that the measured temperature doesn't start increasing w/o also turning on the ultrasonic, so I turn on both, even w/o needing the ultrasonic, to get the desired temperature.

When I'm cleaning a chain, I put the chain into a small jar, add water and dish soap, then put the jar into the heated tank. I run the ultrasonic, hand shake the jar and repeat. When the jar water gets dirty I dump it out and fill it w/ fresh water and dish soap. This process gets the chain very, very clean. When I'm waxing I put mineral spirits into a jar, then the jar into the bath for heated cleaning. Then the same thing w/ denatured alcohol. Once completed the chain is ready for waxing.

For the cassette cogset, I drop all those parts into the basket and add dish soap into the tank water. The parts come out very clean.

This tool is fine for the cost. My preference would be that the heat would have acceptable response, to attain the setpoint temperature in less than an hour and would not require the untrasonic to be turned on to see the temperature rise.

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