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Originally Posted by Lazyass View Post
You gonna cry?

The OP said he's riding 20 miles without getting exhausted. He can ride 30 miles without going to the hospital. We're talking about riding a bicycle, not a 12 mile rucksack run with 50 pounds on his back. I assume he's not riding a fixed gear, he can coast and take a break for a minute if he gets too tired. It's not a superhuman goal. Feeling pain doesn't mean you're injured.

What would be amusing would be to see you enter a Cat 5 mountain bike race. You would be walking your bike back to your car after mentally breaking down in the first 5 minutes. Because, I mean, we can't get exhausted or feel pain. That's for the sadists
Why would I cry? Your insults are Cat 7 at best.

Here's what you actually said: "If you aren't feeling exhausted or overworked then you're not riding hard enough to get stronger."

Now you're backtracking and saying he'll be fine if he rides 30 miles. I agree. I suggested he go 25 next ride and then 30 the next. I don't think he'll feel exhausted and certainly not "overworked", and he will also be getting stronger as he goes. I did it that way and rapidly increased to doing centuries and beyond without ever experiencing a feeling of overworking. I got plenty tired afterwards, and I had some very minor aches and pains, but I never once had to put myself in some sort of agony to achieve great strength and endurance gains.

I don't mountain bike at all, so I agree my racing on my road bikes in a Cat anything mountain bike race would be pretty pitiful. I'd probably drop you on any road hill, however. Not sure what you think you're proving by maligning my skills in an activity I don't do.

My conditioning is good enough that I can sustain 20+ mph for multiple hours and I don't get muscle pain, and I've never bonked. Should I poke myself with needles to show I'm as big a man as you?
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