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Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
It does not have rear facing horizontal drops outs, but it does have horizontal dropouts. I know the rear facing would be ideal, but it looks like these will work also to be able to tension the chain.
purely for the sake of clarity, a rear facing ‘track’ style end, is not called a dropout, it’s simply called a fork end. I’m not a snob about it, just thought id share. If your frame has horizontal dropouts then you’re golden. If you like using chaintugs then fork ends would be easier. Although I believe surly bikes makes a chaintug for horizontal dropouts, if you’re so inclined. But unless you’re running fenders, there’s not much real difference in everyday experience for a fixed/ss setup between fork ends and dropouts. The only people I’ve ever met who actually thought it mattered were track bike snobs and ‘fixie fools’, trying to be cool. If your frame is a good one, the better ride you’ll get from that frame will far outweigh not having ‘proper track ends’.
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