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Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
It does not have rear facing horizontal drops outs, but it does have horizontal dropouts. I know the rear facing would be ideal, but it looks like these will work also to be able to tension the chain.
If you are using the bike on the road, horizontal dropouts are a big plus. Far easier to pull the rear wheel out keeping your hands clean. Add a chain peg and use a Pedros Trixie fix gear tool and yhou can flip the wheel for a 2nd gear with completely clean hands. (If your bike has eyes for fenders, I can tell you how to make a really good chain peg. PM me.) I ride fix-fix flip-flop wheels on two of my three fix gears and flip the wheels regularly. The ease and clean hands rule! (In the velodrome, they ban dirt so dirty chains isn't an issue.) Also horizontal dropout have some slant to them so moving the wheel in the dropout doesn't change the height of the rim relative to the rear brake pad should you decide to use one. (I like the hoods as hand grips, always ride the road and it never occurred to me I would ever want to take the rear brake off. 40 years later, no regrets.)

I don't get chain tugs. To me, that is a solution to a problem that isn't. We aren't strong enough to pull a properly installed hub forward. (Nelson Vail did not use chain tugs. There are few few even pros with his strength.) Good track nuts work. (Maybe they are needed for carbon fiber track ends. I wouldn't know.)

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