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I've been using one for a year and a half, approximately.

I can't say I'm suffering much buyer's remorse. But the thing had its issues.

The good:
Battery life is excellent, and it's perfectly happy to charge off the dynamo hub. If I plug it in to the dynamo for a couple hours every day, I believe I could keep it charged and running indefinitely.
And it's really waterproof. I've used it in all kinds of weather and the 530 had not shown any sign of water intrusion.

The not so good:
The map app on the Bryton active website is hard to use and I suspect the map data is out of date. If it thinks a bridge is out, you cannot plan a route that uses that bridge, and there is no way to override this feature. So when i have to program a route manually I invariably end up with mistakes, some probably caused by me, but annoying regardless.

It is possible to move a route file from
​ridewithGPS to the 530, but I have to plug the 530 in to the PC before turning the PC on, otherwise the PC won't recognize the USB device. And even so, the track will be nothing but a line, no street names etc.

The Bryton does not give me an audible signal for turns. When it indicates a turn is coming .I have to watch the distance to the turn on the screen and make the turn when the distance is down to ten meters or so.

And not uncommonly the thing indicates I'm of course when in fact I'm not. I assume this is sometimes my own error on plotting out the route, but I'm convinced this is not always the case. And then there are times when it simply cannot find any GPS signal. That's annoying.

And then there is the just plain weird:
When I have programmed a track to follow, and I'm using the Bryton to navigate that track, it tells me my current speed (in km), distance to my next turn (in km), and the distance I've gone so far (in miles). I have set all my preferences for miles, but it still gives the route data in km.

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