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How do you like your Bryton 530?

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How do you like your Bryton 530?

Any of you using the Bryton 530 bike computer?
How do you like it and how does it compare with your other computers?

It's about $140 (compared with $250+ other brands) with a front-mount on Amazon, and 4/5 stars from bikeradar with every feature except LiveSegments but maybe they have a firmware upgrade for that.

Bryton Rider 530 review - BikeRadar USA

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I have a few hundred miles on mine now. The positive is the battery life, it will run forever. But it has issues. I have to reset the elevation before every ride, even though I preset it for the elevation in my driveway. I did figure out you can set it using the phone app and it only takes a few seconds, but if you forget to do it then you're screwed. HOWEVER, today I just noticed an issue. The elevation when I start is about 223m. I see now when I get home and stop the elevation is at 123. So the elevation is screwed up.

The HR data won't start showing on the screen until I've been riding for a few minutes, and the time keeps getting delayed. When it was brand new it would read as soon as I turned the unit on. Then it wouldn't pick up until about a mile into the ride. Then 2 miles then 3. Today it didn't start reading until mile five.

And now the average speed on the display is screwed. It got up to 18.0MPH then froze. I knew it wasn't wworking because I was cruising at 19-22mph and it wouldn't read higher. I downloaded the ride on my phone app and my average was 18.92. But the unit that I look at while riding stopped at 18.0. I can't recommend the Bryton.
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I've been using one for a year and a half, approximately.

I can't say I'm suffering much buyer's remorse. But the thing had its issues.

The good:
Battery life is excellent, and it's perfectly happy to charge off the dynamo hub. If I plug it in to the dynamo for a couple hours every day, I believe I could keep it charged and running indefinitely.
And it's really waterproof. I've used it in all kinds of weather and the 530 had not shown any sign of water intrusion.

The not so good:
The map app on the Bryton active website is hard to use and I suspect the map data is out of date. If it thinks a bridge is out, you cannot plan a route that uses that bridge, and there is no way to override this feature. So when i have to program a route manually I invariably end up with mistakes, some probably caused by me, but annoying regardless.

It is possible to move a route file from
​ridewithGPS to the 530, but I have to plug the 530 in to the PC before turning the PC on, otherwise the PC won't recognize the USB device. And even so, the track will be nothing but a line, no street names etc.

The Bryton does not give me an audible signal for turns. When it indicates a turn is coming .I have to watch the distance to the turn on the screen and make the turn when the distance is down to ten meters or so.

And not uncommonly the thing indicates I'm of course when in fact I'm not. I assume this is sometimes my own error on plotting out the route, but I'm convinced this is not always the case. And then there are times when it simply cannot find any GPS signal. That's annoying.

And then there is the just plain weird:
When I have programmed a track to follow, and I'm using the Bryton to navigate that track, it tells me my current speed (in km), distance to my next turn (in km), and the distance I've gone so far (in miles). I have set all my preferences for miles, but it still gives the route data in km.

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Unhappy Bryton 530

just purchased a Bryton 530. Was wondering if anyone was experiencing problems with the upload to strava. I have uploaded 3 rides recently and they appear in the main feed, but not in my personal feed. My settings on the dashboard are fine, this has happened since having started with the bryton.
Essentially a good unit but for this issue. Please advise if you experience anything similar

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I see now that this thread sat with no response for a year till the 2nd poster resurrected it two months ago. Since someone saw fit to resurrect it again I'll post for anyone else considering the Bryton 530 who comes across it.

I've been using mine for almost a year now and I really like it. A few caveats though: I have never used any of the fancier/more expensive computers and I didn't want to spend much money on one. To that aim I was searching for second hand bike computers and settled on getting a lesser Bryton model when I came across a 530 for sale for like $75 or so. At that price point it game me way more features than anything else I could get (Wifi, GPS, ANT+). I haven't experience any of the anomalies from above posters but I've not paid much attention to elevation (because its nearly moot around here) and I've never used the map functions while riding so I'm sure better models would do navigation better. But if you just want something to track your rides, has configurable display, talks to your sensors, and uploads to Strava in a snap, then the 530 works really well. And yeah, as others have said the battery life is amazing. I only charge mine occasionally.
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