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I see now that this thread sat with no response for a year till the 2nd poster resurrected it two months ago. Since someone saw fit to resurrect it again I'll post for anyone else considering the Bryton 530 who comes across it.

I've been using mine for almost a year now and I really like it. A few caveats though: I have never used any of the fancier/more expensive computers and I didn't want to spend much money on one. To that aim I was searching for second hand bike computers and settled on getting a lesser Bryton model when I came across a 530 for sale for like $75 or so. At that price point it game me way more features than anything else I could get (Wifi, GPS, ANT+). I haven't experience any of the anomalies from above posters but I've not paid much attention to elevation (because its nearly moot around here) and I've never used the map functions while riding so I'm sure better models would do navigation better. But if you just want something to track your rides, has configurable display, talks to your sensors, and uploads to Strava in a snap, then the 530 works really well. And yeah, as others have said the battery life is amazing. I only charge mine occasionally.
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