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Originally Posted by vailskier3 View Post
Is that true? You can only add spacers after the cog? Is there no way to move the cog out? Am I better off buying wheels and having a shop dish them to correct the chainline?
i think there might be a misunderstanding here. Yes you can move a sprocket out (toward the drive side) by putting spacers to the inside of the sprocket, to adjust your rear chainline outward. Spacing the sprocket is different from dishing a wheel, which involves moving the axle alignment and adjusting the spoke tensions (and possibly needing to modify the spoke lengths on one side of the wheel, which can necessitate replacing spokes). If you want to adjust axle alignment on a multispeed wheel, the wheel will then require redishing. If you simply want your sprocket further outboard, all you need is spacers. Of course, you only have a very limited amount of threading to utilise for spacers, so the amount of outboard adjustment you can achieve is rather limited.

if you buy a new set of wheels that are ‘track’ wheels, they will already have a centered axle and will require no dishing. If you can’t achieve a good chainline by moving the sprocket outboard a few multimeters, then you need to move your chainring or entire crankset inboard.

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