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Originally Posted by Steve B. View Post
I always start with the simple things and the simplest problem with shifting is typically cable tension.

I'm assuming the bike never went back to the shop for a a "1000 mile tune-up" so to speak. Usually you have to adjust cable tension after some usage as the cables and housing "seat" over initial use. Typically that results in slack tension which causes mis-shifts when moving to larger cogs. Your's sound like ithe cable tension for the rear is too tight, thus maybe you've just simply overcompensated ?.

Thing to try first is take the bike out on the street, put it in the big ring, ride a short bit, shifting the rear. If it's missing the upshifts, back off the cable tension adjustment screw where the cable housing feeds the cable into the rear derailer. Turn in clockwise (as you look at the rear of the bike from behind) a 1/4 turn. Ride it, and keep adjusting in small 1/4 turn increments each time until it will shift down. Check the downshift to larger cogs as well as you are riding. Don't do rapid shifts one after the other. Shift, spin a bit, then shift again. Than check it in the small ring.
Thanks Steve, I very much appreciate the advice. I will try this tomorrow when there is more daylight to play with.

Could be other things but start with this. The assumption is when assembled at Performance, they did the initial tune up so the combo of 5800 shifters, derailers, and cassette should work with the Oval, unless it's had this problem from the get go. If that's the case, I'd be at a shop with this.
Shifting when on the larger chain ring was always iffy but with the holidays and with Performance closing down near us we didn't get a chance to bring it in to get it looked at and now it seems we've missed our chance since they will no longer service any bikes bought there (or anywhere). IMO, it's a bit terrible but since they're closing their doors in 2 weeks I can't say I blame them for not having the resources to fully service everyone any more. Unfortunately I have to forget the idea of getting any help from them even though we purchased our bikes a month before they announced the closings etc. I will certainly try your recommendation tomorrow and see how it goes. I reset everything but the cable tension a number of times yesterday and on the stand it shifts great, just not when on the road so I I'll approach it as you recommend and take it from there.
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