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Originally Posted by rumatt View Post
Junk in the road. Glass, metal bits, etc.

Yeah, I wouldn't say they're any worse at dealing with those things than any other performance-oriented road tire (the protection layers on most racing tires have a bigger role as decorations for the marketing material than anything else), but Rene Herse tires certainly aren't immune to urban debris.

I just read this comment about the large Compass tires. He's talking about tubless, but in general this is what I want to avoid.

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I haven't set mine up tubeless yet because I've gotten very few punctures and have never flatted them off-pavement, although I have used 2" Vittoria latex tubes in the Rat Traps a fair amount.

The suppleness does make the tires fairly pressure-sensitive, and when they're underinflated, they can exhibit some funky behaviors.... down at 15PSI, the front 53 makes the bike handle a bit like a boat, which is downright scary. But they need to be pumped considerably higher than most other similar-sized tires in order to have similar firmness, and I would never intentionally run them that low. On 200lb bike+rider, on gravel I usually have the front at somewhere around 25PSI. I haven't noticed bad behaviors putting the power down.
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