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Originally Posted by vailskier3 View Post
i do like those wheels, they look really nice. unfortunately they look to be sold out. also, i think i want a little deeper v. i'm gonna try to go for 38-50mm. i just like the look of them for some reason. i'll probably go with silver. bikesdirect has a set of track wheels for $69. i may just get those for now and upgrade later if they suck.
Oh shoot yeah... didn't even notice that. Well you could always have retrogression build you up some wheels with those velo orange hubs and some silver deep section rims (they've got a couple options on their website). That would probably end up running you between 400 and 500 bucks though.

When I first started riding I bought an absolute crap blue 6ku wheelset because I liked the color and the deep v style. Honestly, as heavy as they were, they were still wheels and they did what they were supposed to do. They got me through like 2 years without much maintenance and still acted like a wheel. I was pretty stoked on the look of them too for a while but as I entered the upgrades rabbit hole my tastes started to favor higher quality and durability over flashyness. (Part of me still kinda likes the colorful deep v look though)

Here's my two cents, get what will make you ride. If you want to save some money and upgrade later that's totally fine, you don't always have to get the most legit parts first, especially of youre still kinda feeling out the hobby. If you think deep vs are cool, get them because you are gonna ride a bike you think is cool more than a bike youre lukewarm about. However, if you are the type of guy with money to burn (hey some people have it and I dont judge) I'd recommend something better than a $70 wheelset, that's pretty bottom of the barrel. You will notice the difference, even just starting out, between a bargain basement wheelset and one that costs like 300 or 400 bucks.

otherwise, keep us updated. And I want to see some pictures when this is finished!
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