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I can't say whether Dahon has different handlebars with more sweep, although you could always take a look at the Dahon (or Tern) website (including their archives) to see whether any of their bicycles have handlebars with more sweep; if so, then you might be able to contact them about ordering just the handlebars themselves. Alternatively, you could check with other folding bike companies to see if they have handlebars with more sweep and the same ridges. MEC (the REI equivalent on this side of the border) has their own folding bikes (rebranded Terns) and sells some replacement parts for them, so if REI also sells folders then you might be able to get inexpensive replacement handlebars from them.

Having said that, I think there's two things you really need to consider here: (1) putting handlebars with more sweep on them is going to take up more space when folded, especially on a Dahon that folds with the handlebars between the two halves of the bike, which may make for a bulkier package overall; and (2) you will exert more torque at the clamp using handlebars with more sweep if you lean against the handlebars while riding.

When it comes to (1), you can deal with that by pulling the stem off the bike or rotating the handlebars when folding it, assuming you've got enough slack in your cables. However, (2) becomes an issue with the quick-release clamp, as I don't think you can get quite the same clamping force as you do with a standard stem; thus, without the ridges, you can't clamp onto the handlebars with enough force to resist the torquing effect of pushing on the ends of the handlebars, thus causing the rotation. I'm sure you could really cinch down the quick release clamp, but my concern is that it would cause premature wear on the mechanism and it would quickly fail. You could also replace the quick release clamp lever with a bolt, but then you have more of an issue with (1) unless you remove your handlebars and stem every time you fold it.

As for possible solutions (assuming you can't find bars that have the grooves/ridges): you could try putting grooves in the handlebars yourself, using a milling machine, angle grinder, dremel, etc. You could also try roughing up the surface where the clamp goes with some low grit sandpaper or a wire wheel or something. You could also replace the quick release lever on the clamp with a bolt, although that would prevent you from being able to rotate the handlebars for folding, and may necessitate removing the stem and handlebars altogether when folding to get a nice compact package. Alternatively, you could get a standard handlebar stem and clamp that onto your existing stem/riser, just below the clamp, and use that instead; again, this still has the same issue with possibly having to remove the handlebars and stem/riser when folding, and it'll move your handlebars forward slightly (which may or may not be good for you), although it will allow you to properly torque down and use any handlebars you like. This standard stem is actually what I went with on my Speed P8, as I like a little bit more stretch and a little lower riding position than the standard setup offered.

I hope that help!
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