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Originally Posted by seamuis View Post
Better quality components. At that price range, any wheel you buy new, is undoubtedly going to be machine built. Which means the overall build quality of the wheel, not its conponenta, will likely be the same. If youíre looking to spend less than 200, simply put, you likely wonít get Avery good wheelset. The lower you go, the more likely you are to end up with issues. Hub service issues, basic qc issues with the individual parts, and youíll probably find that they not only not offer a good ride quality, but could actually give bad ride quality. None of this is an absolute guarantee, itís just that the cheaper you go, the more the wheel was specifically built to be, well, cheap, if you get my drift. Thereís nothing wrong with wanting and affordable wheelset, but your wheels are extremely important. Not something you want to take a chance on, in my opinion. Could end up costing you way more in the long run, and not just monetarily. I, and I think most other cyclists would agree that typically anything below 200 bucks, is likely not worth it. That just my advice as a fellow cyclist, offering his time. What you decide to buy, is your choice. Makes no difference to me.
I think I'm willing to spend $200-$300, but probably no more than that. Based on that, any recommendations?
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