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Originally Posted by BicycleBicycle View Post
Something that I'm surprised I haven't seen mentioned yet (Probably because very few people here came from the BMX world), is a half link chain.
You should be fine as there are TONS of conversion kits out on the market now, but one thing that might let you get that perfect gearing, or spare you from buying some crazy derailluer tensioner looking thing is a halflink chain.
It will allow you to pick a chain length at the half link instead of the full link.

One half link:

Full chain:
Hahaha - so for $33.95 you get a lifetime supply of $3-4 halflinks

55 bucks less & 100+g claimed less weight:
Velocity A23 Track Bike Fixed Gear Singlespeed Wheels DT Comp [741227] - $189.00 : Worldwide Bicycle Shop, fixed gear track bike wheelsets campagnolo super record vintage bike

Having said that...

I'm not sure that somebody's discussion about what may or may not make some budget wheelsets worth more or less than others tells you anything unless you tell him, or us, what you need besides "best for the money"...

I looked back in this thread, and maybe I missed it - but I didn't see any mention whether you need, or want, or can fit - wide or narrow rims and rubber on whatever it is you are are doing? Or whether you want lighter and racier, or sturdier wheels?

Have fun - good luck...

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