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Originally Posted by canklecat View Post
Okay. I don't disagree. I think...

That's why when I ride the MUP I regard myself on a conventional bike as lower on the priority rung. I always defer to walkers, joggers, kids and dogs, folks on city bikes or recumbents. The MUPs are designed for casual users, not wannabe racerboys. If I'm in such a big hurry to get somewhere that 15 mph isn't fast enough I'll move over to the city streets. Fortunately the roadie club I hang out with has the same philosophy and we slow down on the MUPs when it's necessary to use it to get from one public thoroughfare to another.

But I'm wondering whether you're reacting to other local cyclists competing for scarce resources, or to perceptions of elitism online. If the former you have a valid concern. Every user of navigable surface way -- including cyclists and pedestrians -- should enjoy those resources equitably.

But if the latter, heck, who cares what people think on cussin' and discussin' forums? They/we don't represent any majority of cyclists. We're just the loudmouths with too much time to waste online.
Hear, hear!!!
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