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Slowly getting some work done on my MV - I don't want to move too fast since I have until next spring to get it done. A couple things I'm realizing; first, about 50% of the marks/chips are caked on grease and muck, and second, matching the paint will be a bit of trial and error (but you all knew that). I'm finding that 0000 steel wool with a citrus solvent is working on all of the grease marks, although it does dull the finish slightly. Once I get the paint touch-up finished, I'll do some sanding and finish the whole frame with rubbing and polishing compounds and wax - the test areas look pretty decent, though. As far as the painting goes, I bought a few small bottles of acrylic paint at a local art store and did some mixing and matching. I need to get the right balance/mixture before I do all the spots. The photo is a shot of my most recent attempt - pre-sanding. After it hardens, I'll level and finish the spot to see how closely I've come, and when I get it right, I'll post the paint and mixture that I used.

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